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Who Is Keith Washington?

"Keith is a man with an impeccable character.  He embraces the Army's values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.  He has demonstrated these values throughout his life and taught these values to his daughters."  I can think of no one more committed to serving his community than Keith... He believed that he could make a difference by protecting the public and has done so through both his military service and as a law enforcement official."  M. Coleman, Lt. Colonel, United States Army


"Besides being a family man with strong morals and values, Mr.Washington is a community activist with a great spirit, considerate of others, fair and very charitable. Mr. Washington has a great passion for enriching the lives of our youth."  A. Holt, Prince George's County, MD


"Keith Washington is an individual of high moral character, family values, strong will, intellect and one that possesses a great sense of humor.  Keith is a proven leader that has dutifully served the community of Prince George's County for the past 2 decades as well as his country...Keith Washington is not the person that has been vilified and persecuted in the media over the past year as a result of this incident. Indeed,he is just the opposite"  C. Wilson, United State's Dept of Justice

"Keith's extreme dedication and service when working with the area's youth has certainly enabled him to positively impact many troubled teenagers' lives."  S. Jones, Colonel, United States Army

"The entire class came to be dependent on Mr. Washington because we knew he would show up to participate in our classroom activities.  In my field, parents' involvement in their child's education and well-being goes a long way to shape the outlook of that child's future.  Mr. Washington is a caring father, husband, and an active member of our school community...A prison sentence will not only be a burden to his family but also be a loss to the communities he has been serving."  A. Obidegwu, Teacher


Keith Washington is a man who has dedicated most of his adult life to the service of others.  Keith was born to a single mother who worked the cotton fields of the deep South to make a better life for her family.  Keith has eight brothers and sisters and was the first of his family to attend and graduate from college.  Keith joined the Army as an enlisted soldier right out of high school.  While stationed at Ft. Polk, LA, he recognized the importance of an education and decided then that college was the next step.  He attended college and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Northwestern State University where he joined his beloved Omega Psi Phi fraternity.  Keith majored in Criminal Justice and Social Work, and volunteered at the Cane River Children's Home helping children not much younger than himself -- teaching, coaching, and mentoring at risk youth, believing that he could be a positive influence and make a difference in their lives.


Keith and other supporters with then Senator Barak Obama during a presidential campaign stop at which Obama discussed ethics in government and 'One America'.

(As a former constitutional law professor, President Obama can readily identify from the evidence presented here the outrageous violations of constitutional law, designed to protect the inalienable rights of its citizens through due process, but violations of which sent One Innocent Man to prison.)


Keith at age 5 with his mother and two of his sisters.


High school graduation.

Keith at college graduation with fraternity brother "Big Freddie".


Keith with two fraternity brothers holding his degree following his college graduation ceremonies.

Keith's desire to have a positive impact on the lives of others led him to the U. S. Army Officer corps.  He worked his way up through the ranks, and within five years was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U. S. Army Infantry Branch; no small feat, and a testament to his commitment and character.  Keith served in the United States Army for over twenty-five years (Active Duty and Reserve) both on the home front and during conflicts overseas.  He speaks five languages and has attended some of the foremost military schools in the country, including the Infantry Officer's Basic Course (Ft Benning, GA), Civil Affairs Officers' Advance Course (Ft Bragg, NC), Combined Arms Services Staff School (Ft Belvoir, VA), Command and General Staff College (Ft Leavenworth , KS), International Terrorism Awareness Course and Dynamics of International Terrorism, John F. Kennedy School of Special Warfare (Ft Bragg, NC), United States Army Airborne School, United States Army Air Assault School, and has countless military citations and awards including the Army Commendation Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal, Overseas Service Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal, and many more.  Keith is a decorated veteran and proud to have served. 

Keith after class with fellow soldiers while attending the International Terrorism Course at the John F. Kennedy School of Special Warfare, Ft. Bragg, NC.


 With Congressman Albert Wynn prior to overseas deployment.


General Wesley Clark, former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, with (then) Major Washington in Bosnia following Washington's briefing on the resettlement of refugees in that war torn nation.  


Keith serving in Sarajevo, Bosnia. 

With all of Keith's professional achievements, his greatest success and deepest joy is still that of husband and dad.  He is the proud father of two daughters who are, and will always be, the light of his life.  The stress and struggles of coping with his incarceration are many, but there is no struggle that will ever break the bonds of the love he shares with his family.  

Wedding day.


Daddy's home! Keith with his daughter after a long training mission.


Christmas morning opening presents.


My Girls

Keith continued his public service as a Prince George's County, MD police officer where he served for over seventeen years until forced to retire as a result of this incident.  During the entire span of his law enforcement career, he never once fired his weapon, other than for required training.  During his tenure as a police officer Keith was also involved in the community in numerous other capacities, serving on various boards and commissions, visiting and speaking at schools and community service organizations. 

Keith receiving an award of valor for "bravery and courage in the line of duty" for entering a burning building and pulling three children from the fire on April 25, 1992.  The award is being presented by then Police Chief David Mitchell. 


This plaque was awarded to Keith by the Glassmanor Citizens Association for bravery in the line of duty for attempting to save the lives of the three children during a house fire.  For the citizens of Glassmanor, Keith became a hero that day.


Keith receiving another citation for outstanding achievement on the police department.


Keith has long been a youth mentor and advocate of education as a stepping stone to success and personal growth.  With that in mind, his commitment to education and youth was demonstrated when he founded the Keith Washington Scholarship Fund, providing scholarships to assist local youth with the cost of higher education.  Thousands of dollars in scholarships have been awarded to deserving local youth in the pursuit of higher education, one of Keith's proudest achievements.  Keith "adopted" a school and regularly participated in activities including reading to the children.  He also served on a number of community boards and foundations and had a particular interest in programs and support for our elder residents.  He wasn't just a talker, he was committed to his community and showed it by his actions and works, not just words.

Reading to elementary school students at his "adopted" school.


With students and faculty at his adopted elementary school. 


Keith awards a scholarship to a deserving Prince George's County student. 

"Education is the key to a well lived life."


Keith attending a community meeting with friends and neighbors addressing their issues about safety and security. 


Keith meeting with local Prince George's County church members about their community concerns.


Keith with fellow members of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity honoring Rev. and Mrs. George Stanley Lewis for a lifetime of service and mentorship. Rev. Lewis had a great influence in Keith's life, instilling in him the importance of character and integrity in a man.  Keith lived those teachings and paid it forward in his works and his service to his community and nation. 


Keith has devoted his entire adult life to service and being a positive influence on those around him, putting his life on the line every day to make his community and country a better place.  But the community and country that he's served so willingly has let him down.  Please go to the How You Can Help page and take action; you can make the difference and help free an innocent man.


If you would like to offer your thoughts and ideas, or words of encouragement, please write Keith at the address below.  He would be honored to hear from you:
Keith Washington, 350861/SID 3100847
Eastern Correctional Inst.
30420 Revells Neck Road
Westover, MD 21890
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