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The Case

"All of the physical evidence, all of it supports that Mr. Washington was in a struggle, a confrontation with two very large men in a very confined area.  The fact that he had his weapon on was a consideration in that if the weapon had been taken from him, he could have been - potentially been overcome, killed with it.  There was a threat to his family."

Charles Key, Retired Baltimore City Police (over 25 years) Supervisor and Firearms Training Unit Commander; Expert in the field of forensic analysis, use of force, police training policy and procedures, firearms, incident reconstruction and crime scene analysis


"At the time that he deployed deadly force, he was in fear for his life, he was being assaulted, and at that point it was appropriate and reasonable use of force.” 

Sgt William Gleason, Prince George's County Police Dept , Firearms Training and Use of Force Expert


On January 24, 2007 Keith Washington, his wife and six year old daughter were at home having dinner while awaiting the delivery of bed rails they had purchased from Marlo Furniture.  The delivery was late and when the Washington's called the furniture store to get a status they were eventually told the delivery was still coming.  Subsequently, two men (later learned to be Robert White and Brandon Clark) arrived in a Marlo delivery truck.  Mrs. Washington and their daughter remained in the kitchen while Keith answered the door.  Not realizing that Robert White was in fact NOT a delivery man and was actually picked up on the side of the road, Keith let them in and proceeded to lead them upstairs to the master bedroom where the bed rails were to be placed.  After reaching the master bedroom and noticing that White was not with them but had instead gone into their daughter's bedroom, Keith got an uneasy feeling and told the men to leave.  Overhearing Keith tell the men to leave their home, Mrs. Washington told their daughter to stay put, and started to walk into the foyer to determine what was going on.  Reaching the steps, she looked up to the upstairs hallway and witnessed the two men, Brandon Clark who stood 6'7" 330 pounds and Robert White who stood 6'2" 280 pounds, assaulting Keith who is 5'9" 155 pounds.  Within a few seconds as she turned to run for her daughter to get out the house and call for help, she heard shots.  Mrs. Washington continued to run back into the kitchen, grabbed their daughter and the phone and ran out of the house dialing 911.  The two men assaulting Keith had been shot; Brandon Clark later died, Robert White survived.

In contrast, Robert White's account of the incident was that there was no altercation, that he and Brandon Clark were never even close enough to Keith Washington to touch him.  White's version was that Keith stood in the doorway of his bedroom and shot them for no reason at all.  The issue with Robert White's story is that NONE of the physical, forensic, scientific, or eyewitness evidence supports it!  White issued a media statement (although he refused to be interviewed by investigators) and testified in the grand jury and criminal trial, but his testimony was full of lies and false statements.  White later admitted in the civil trial that he testified falsely in the criminal trial (the basis for Keith's criminal conviction); also, a District Court Commissioner issued Robert White a criminal summons for his perjured grand jury testimony (the basis for the original indictment against Keith).  

Both Keith Washington and his wife gave written statements the night of the incident as well as extensive interviews and taped statements later, and testified at both the grand jury and criminal trial.  With nothing to hide and truth on their side, they saw no reason not to cooperate fully with the investigation.  Keith was attacked in his own home by these two men and had no choice but to defend himself.  Robert White, on the other hand, refused to give a statement to or be interviewed by the police, instituting his fifth Amendment right not to incriminate himself.  As a career criminal with extensive experience dealing with and evading the law, it is the opinion of this writer that White knew any statement he made to the investigators would be easily seen through.  To this day, White has never given a statement to the police about the incident.  He did however meet secretly, without his lawyer, with prosecutors William Moomau and Joseph Wright to go over what we now know was his fabricated testimony in the grand jury and criminal trial.  If the prosecutors are supposed to be independent and follow the evidence, why would they meet secretly with Robert White when the evidence showed that White was lying and was in fact the perpetrator?     

There was an intense and extensive investigation during which reams of physical, forensic, and scientific evidence was gathered (science doesn't lie) as well as eyewitness statements and statements of first responders.  Lt. Charles Walls, Prince George's County Police Department Internal Affairs Division and Lead Investigator investigated this case with a team of senior investigators.  The findings from that investigation showed that Robert White's version of the incident was completely inconsistent with ALL of the evidence gathered.  The professional analysis of Lt. Walls and the investigaive team was that  NONE of the evidence supported Robert White's version of the incident as relayed in his media statement, grand jury testimony, and criminal trial testimony; and that the evidence DID support Keith's testimony as to the events that occurred and clearly showed that Keith indeed acted in self defense.   ALL of that evidence -- DNA evidence, fiber transfer evidence, gunshot residue, location of spent shell casings, Keith's broken watch, telephone records, employment records, 911 call, evidence photos, and much more -- was completely consistent with Keith's account of the incident and fully supported that he acted in self defense. 

Lt. Walls met with the prosecutors, Assistant State's Attorney Joseph Wright and William Moomau, prior to the grand jury and clearly laid out the forensic, scientific, and physical evidence and witness statements and what all of it represented.  Here is a brief excerpt of Lt. Walls subsequent testimony regarding his findings and discussion with the prosecutors: "I had discussions with Mr Moomau regarding the location of where the shell casings are recovered.  It didn't seem consistent to me, based on Mr. White's statement, that the shell casings would be in the hallway and not in the master bedroom.  At least part of those shell casings."..."I also discussed the fact that...some fiber from pants, like the ones worn by Brandon Clark were found on Mr. Washington's vest. (indicating Clark was kicking Keith as Keith was bent over protecting himself).  Some DNA was actually recovered from -- Mr. White's DNA was actually recovered from Corporal Washington's weapon at the time."... "All those things actually supported Mr. Washington's version of events more closely, that there was a combat-type situation, a fight in the upstairs hallway, rather than Mr. White's version of events as he detailed in his statement" (the 'statement' being Robert White's media statement he provided to the Washington Post which he later admitted was false.)  Question: "Did you tell Mr. Moomau that?"  Answer:  "Yes."  Q:  "How many times did you meet with Mr. Moomau?"  A: "Two or three -- well,  at least three times, maybe four."  (After presenting this evidence, and subsequently informing prosecutors William Moomau and Joseph Wright that a grand jury witness was lying in preparation for the grand jury tesimony, Lt. Walls was told to leave and removed from the case by Moomau and Wright; something Walls had never experienced in his over 25 years of service on the police department.  We now in fact know that Robert White did testify falsely in the grand jury).

Even knowing what the evidence showed, Robert White was allowed to enter a Prince Geoge's County grand jury and criminal trial courtroom and repeatedly testify falsely under oath, seemingly with the knowledge of the prosecutors who had possession of the evidence.  White was even allowed to deny to the grand jury that he was a convicted sex offender when the prosecutors knew absolutely that he had been convicted of that crime and had spent ten years in prison as a result.  This was done, in the opinion of this writer and others, to purposely mislead the grand jurors about the evidence in the case and about who Robert White really was in order to secure a fraudulent indictment.  The two prosecutors who conducted the grand jury, William Moomau and Joseph Wright, knew that Robert White was a registered sex offender who had been arrested over twenty times, and that he was not truthful in nearly all of his testimony to the grand jury.  In fact, upon reviewing the evidence of White's testimony and all the related documents, a Prince George's County District Court Commissioner issued a twelve count criminal summons for perjury for Robert White based on his perjured grand jury testimony.  However, State's Attorney Angela Alsobrooks refused to prosecute Robert White for perjury,  perhaps because knowing that if prosecuted it would directly implicate Assistant State's Attorneys William Moomau and Joseph Wright for suborning perjury.  In refusing to prosecute Robert White, they succeeded in sweeping the perjury case against Mr. White under the rug.  Some see this as a a clear conflict of interest on the part of the State's Attorney.  It seems the approrpiate and ethical course of action would have been to bring in outside prosecutors from another County to review the perjury case against Mr. White given the implications to the two prosecutors.

This website contains excerpts of trial transcripts as well as the documented forensic and physical evidence so that you can review the undisputable facts of this case for yourself and see how the general public and juries were intentionally lied to about the facts for over seven years.  Other assistant state's attorneys, both current and former, knew about the facts of this case but were too afraid to come forward because of the fear of losing their jobs and careers.  Review the forensic and physical evidence, the witness statements and testimony, and the applicable laws and you will see that an innocent man is spending 45 years in prison for protecting himself and his family from two attackers.  Justice is not blind; without a doubt Keith Washington was railroaded into an indictment and conviction that has cost him his liveliehood, his family, and his freedom.


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