The Evidence of Innocence


"the case against Keith Washington has no legal or factual merit."

Daniel Karp, Esq., Colaresi, Karpinski & Karp; 

(the statement made to Judge Sean Wallace who subsequently dismissed the fraudulent civil case Robert White brought against Keith Washington) 



The links below are the actual transcripts and documented evidence in this case.  This is a sample of the evidence that clearly shows Keith Washington acted in self defense.  These documents were in the possession of the prosecutors before trial, and even before the fraudulent grand jury indictment in this case.  This evidence was gathered by the State, fully investigated and determined that it did indeed support Keith's statements regarding what happened that night, and was presented to the State's Attorneys who then, instead of accepting that it was indeed a case of self-defense, proceeded to misrepresent the evidence in order to manufacture a case that would garner a conviction.  That is NOT justice. 

Grand Jury Testimony