Transcripts of Legal Proceedings

It is well established in the legal community that the Prosecutors only duty is to seek the truth.  Prosecutors William Moomau and Joseph Wright had total disregard for the truth, the facts, and the evidence, and were clearly complicit in Robert White’s perjured and false testimony as well as their own numerous lies and false statements both publicly and privately about this case.  Read and compare the transcripts below of Robert White’s sworn testimony on four different proceedings as well as the analysis of White’s testimony on Robert White’s Perjured Statements and you will see that the suborning of perjury by these two prosecutors is clearly evident.  There can be no other conclusion other than that they intentionally disregarded all of the physical evidence, the scientific evidence, the forensic evidence, the eyewitness testimony, and the over ninety documented false and perjured statements of Robert White in order to railroad an innocent man into prison.

Below are links to transcripts of Robert White's testimony in each legal proceeding as well as the full transcript of the Criminal Trial.

Grand Jury Testimony - Robert White

Criminal Trial Day1

Criminal Trial Day2

Criminal Trial Day3

Criminal Trial Day4

Criminal Trial Day5

Criminal Trial Day6

Criminal Trial Day7

Criminal Trial Day8

Criminal Trial Day9

Civil Deposition Testimony - Robert White

Civil Trial Testimony - Robert White