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One Innocent Man...the Keith Washington Story

"I know this case was political, I know Keith was railroaded."

Craig Howard, Deputy Police Chief, Prince George's County Police Department


"the case against Keith Washington has no legal or factual merit."

Daniel Karp, Esq., Colaresi, Karpinski & Karp

(the statement made to Judge Sean Wallace after Robert White's civil attorney voluntarily made a motion to dismiss the case against Keith Washington presumably because he had learned that his client White's testimony was a series of false and perjured statements.  Judge Wallace then dismissed the fraudulent civil case Robert White brought against Keith Washington) 


"A lot of people in this office including Angela (Alsobrooks) knows Keith is innocent but she doesn’t want to look bad so our office opposed everything.  Besides, regardless of the evidence we know the judge wouldn't rule against us, not in this case."

Prince George’s County Assistant State’s Attorney (name withheld by request)

"They (Robert White) were a witness, and you’ll never see me standing in front of a jury saying everything this particular witness says is the truth.”

This was a conversation between prosecutor William Moomau and the judge that was being recorded with no defense counsel present.  This statement indicates that the prosecutor was well aware that his only fact witness Robert White had not been truthful under oath and his testimony to convict Mr. Washigton was unlawful, and according to multiple experts, was false and or perjured.  If Mr. Moomau, the State prosecutor would not stand in front of any jury telling them Mr. White was telling the truth, why did he stand in front of this jury claiming Mr. White was telling the truth.  The prosecutor Mr. Moomau was required by law to do one of three things:  a) remove Robert White from the witness stand; b) inform the court and the jury and defense counsel that Mr. White was not truthful under oath; or c) correct Robert White's testimony before the jury.  The judge was required by law to a) either dismiss the case based on known perjured and false testimony by the prosecutions only fact witness; b) inform the jury that the State's witness was not truthful under oath; c) grant a mistrial; or d) sanction the prosecution for insulting the dignity of the court.  Neither the judge nor State's Attorney lived up to their oath of office, and intentionally sent tainted evidence to a jury to unlawfully convict an innocent man. Their actions appear to be unlawful, and at the very least unethical.  The Judge should have immediately dismissed this criminal case.  In this two party "friend to friend" conversation during Mr. Washington's trial one can draw no other conclusion but that the entire case was fabricated to convict one innocent man.  In another recorded conversation that they were unaware of, the Judge can be heard telling prosecutor William Moomau what case law to look up to argue against Mr. Washington's defense team in order to keep Mr. Washington's expert witness, Dr. Joseph Arden, from testifying that Robert White's scenario and statements regarding the incident were completely inconsistent with the evidence gathered.  The State prosecutor in this two party convseration, which in itself was unethical in any criminal, replies to the judge "don't worry, I'll be ready". The defense counsel, unaware of this conversation between the judge and prosecutor then returns to the bench and proceeds to make his motion to have Dr.Arden testify.  The Judge later ruled against defense counsels motion.  Current Prince George's County State's Attorney Angela Alsobrooks should immediately move to vacate Mr. Washington's fraudulent conviction and grant this man his freedom.

Keith Washington, U. S. Army veteran, police officer of over seventeen years, and former Deputy Director of Homeland Security for Prince George's County, Maryland, was wrongfully convicted and sent to prison for protecting himself and his family from two attackers, one of whom is a registered sex offender and career criminal and on cocaine the night of the incident.  The evidence in this case, known to and in possession of the prosecutors William Moomau and Joseph Wright long before the trial began, overwhelmingly shows that Keith Washington acted in self defense.  But even though they had the irrefutable evidence, those responsible for the administration of justice still allowed an innocent man to go to prison for forty-five years. 

This website has been set up to inform the public of the actual facts of this case and to provide the evidence that shows Keith is innocent.  This was a conviction based on perjury, lies, and false statements and has made a travesty of the justice system we believe in to protect the innocent as well as punish the guilty.  It is a telling indictment of how unjust "justice" can be that Keith is still behind bars.  When you read the shocking truth about the incident, the evidence, and the perpetrators, it will be obvious that Keith should never have been indicted, much less convicted. 

Public perception was shaped by a one-sided account of the incident, Robert White's (false) media statement that was published in the Washington Post shortly after the incident.   White's account of the incident in that statement and in his testimony was that he and Brandon Clark were Marlo delivery men, and that they called Keith Washington prior to arriving that night and that Keith was waiting outside for them when they arrived.  White's story was that there was never any altercation between he, Brandon Clark, and Keith, and that they were never even close enough to Keith to touch him.  White's story was that Keith stood in the doorway of his bedroom and shot them for no reason.  Nothing in White's story was true, as proven bythe evidence.  Contrast White's fabricated story with the actual facts and the evidence:

  • Neither Brandon Clark nor Robert White worked for Marlo Furniture as proven by an affidavit provided by Marlo Human Resources Director.  White was actually picked up on the side of the road the morning of the incident.
  • As proven by the phone records, there was never any call made to the Washingtons from either Robert White or Brandon Clark. 
  • Brandon Clark told his mother that they knocked on the door when they arrived, which means Keith couldn't have been standing outside when they arrived.
  • Robert White's DNA was on Keith's gun --White was clearly close enough to touch Keith, and in fact attempted to grab the gun during the altercation.
  • Keith's watch was broken and torn from his wrist during the struggle.  Expert testimony in a later proceeding showed that the nature of the damage to the broken watch was indicative of the watch being ripped off Keith's arm.
  • Forensic evidence showed fibers from Brandon Clark's pants on the upper body of Keith's shirt, consistent with Keith being bent and covering himself as he was being hit and kicked.  This is also consistent with Stacey Washington's testimony that the two men were on either side of Keith hitting him as he was bent attempting to cover himself.  This is also clear indication of an altercation.
  • None of the spent shell casings recovered by the evidence technicians immediately after the shooting were located inside or even near the master bedroom doorway where Robert White said Keith was standing when he shot.  In fact, the shell casings were recovered from the middle of the upstairs hallway and the hall bathroom, consistent with where Keith said the altercation took place, and exactly where Stacey Washington testified she witnessed the two men assaulting Keith.  (One additional shell was caught in the clothing of Brandon Clark and fell from the stretcher when he was moved by EMS personnel.)
  • Toxicology testing proved that Robert White was on cocaine while at the Washington's home. Drug testing performed on White shortly after arriving at the hospital the night of the incident was positive for cocaine.
  • Nine first responders/EMS personnel witnessed injuries on Keith Washington consistent with a fight.  
  • A District Court Commissioner issued a criminal summons for Robert White for his pejured grand jury testimony.
  • Robert White filed a $400 million dollar civil suit against Keith Washington.  The civil suit was dismissed for lack of evidence.  Interestingly, the standard of proof in a civil suit (preponderance of the evidenc) is much lower than in a criminal case (beyond reasonable doubt).  It's hard to believe that the criminal case resulted in a conviction, but that based on the same evidence, the civil case was dismissed.  The evidence clearly supported a dismissal and Robert White was not allowed to lie and commit perjury in the civil trial.

You read the reviews of White's testimony and review the forensic, scientific, and physical evidence and tell us what you think.

    At least seventeen law enforcement professionals, to include a judge, former assistant state's attorneys, county attorneys, defense attorneys, police department officials, and other federal and state elected and appointed public officials, all of whom represent a combined legal and law enforcement experience totaling over three hundred years, have indpendently reviewed the evidence in this case and come to the same unanimous conclusion -- that Keith Washington acted in self defense and should never have been indicted, much less convicted.  In the opinion of this writer, there is no doubt that prosecutors William Moomau and Jospeh Wright knew, or most certainly should have known, based on the evidence, that their sole fact witness, a registered sex offender with an extensive criminal history perjured himself, lied, and repeatedly testified falsely under oath.  They had the evidence of Keith's innocence, yet seemingly chose to ignore and misrepresent it.  When you read the facts of this case you'll see for yourself and come to no other conclusion than that those responsible for the administration of justice should rectify this total miscarriage of justice and free Keith Washington now.  

    The job of the State's Attorney is not simply to prosecute, but to seek justice.  It is our hope that the oath of office taken by Ms. Alsobrooks is more than a mere formality and empty words.  We appeal to our State's Attorney Angela Alsobrooks to step up and exhibit the personal and professional courage and integrity called for to see that justice is done and overturn this unjust conviction.  Our justice system should be as quick to free the innocent as to condemn the guilty.  The citizens of this County voted for Ms. Alsobrooks because we believed she had the courage and integrity to do the right thing.  The writers of this website have thoroughly researched the law and found that she is empowered by the State of Maryland to overturn this fraudulent verdict and do the right thing.  It would show everyone that our votes for her were not in vain.  Previous holders of that office have thoroughly disappointed the citizens of this County with their unethical conduct and criminal behavior; we sincerely hope Ms. Alsobrooks is cut from a different cloth.  The citizens will be watching.   

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